02.04 The Wagon Master will secure all future campground sites and the volunteer Host and Hostess will organize and maintain the campouts/rallys.

05.04 No Host required when the campout/rally is at a Samboree.

11.04 A motion restated that the Lake Eola Chapter will support The Dogs of the Deaf.

12.04 Recognizing the outgoing President with a plaque and the other officers with certificates. The motion was updated to include certificates for all Committee persons: Wagon Master, Editor, Sunshine Lady, Historian, etc.

09.06 To only have pot luck. The Chapter will no longer pay for meat.

10.06 To pay an extra $3.00 per rig at each campout/rally to go into the working fund until our working fund is replenished.

10.06 Any motion older than 2004 will no longer be in effect.

10.07 A motion was approved that our fiscal year should be from October to October--dues must be paid no later than the October meeting before you can vote at the November meeting.

01.08 A motion was approved that someone would pick-up members at the gate that wanted to attend the Chapter meeting when at State Samborees (February, April and November) saving an entrance fee.

10.07 A motion was approved that we collect canned food for the needy at Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

02.08 A motion was approved that if a member leaves the escrow ($20.00) with The Chapter when they resign it automatically goes into thegeneral fund.

10.08 A motion was approved that we have a Chapter web page and that the Chapter pays for the cost involved.

01.09 A motion was approved that the Chapter change the distance and location we will travel for access to campgrounds. Change to read "100 miles from Tavares, FL" instead of "100 miles from Lake Eola in Orlando, FL".

10.09 A motion was approved that the Wagon Master be an elected officer of the Chapter

01.10 A motion was approved to purchase 2 USB Sticks for use in getting pictures to Web Master.

01.10 A motion was approved to donate $300 to the Salvation Army to benefit the Haitian Relief Fund.

01.10 A motion was approved to reimburse the host up to $30 for cost of meat only (with receipt) for main meal effective with the March camp out.

January 2011 Motion made for Sunshine Lady to purchase a cake each month to celebrate birthdays for the month

Chapter to provide $100 for door prizes for Winter Samboree March 2011

Up to $100 authorized to print programs for chapter entertainment at Spring Samboree

May 2011 $25 authorized to be sent to Lighting Technician who assisted us at Spring Samboree

New sporting shirts for the chapter approved

Chapter to purchase the silkscreen logo for the shirts

January 2012 Motion made to start meetings at 9:30 AM

September 2012 $75 to Hospice for Anita Coffman

Chapter to pay setup charge for hats and charge $10 each for them

Chapter paid for wagon to be used for raffle at Fall Samboree

October 2012 Chapter to donate $100 for door prizes for Fall Samboree

November 2012 Motion made to not hold meetings during Samborees

Motion made to not have group dinners each night during Samborees

December 2012 Motion made to find a new server for website

January 2013 Chapter to donate $100 for door prizes for Winter Samboree



Amended and Approved May 20, 1995



As chartered by the International Good Sam Recreational Vehicle Club, this Chapter shall be known as LAKE EOLA SAMS, and was organized on January 21 1982. The aforementioned shall recognize the International Good Sam Club's Constitution and By-Laws as their ultimate body of law.

The LAKE EOLA SAMS will always use the terminology "Chapter" when referring to its organization. The term “Club" always means the International Good Sam Recreational Vehicle Club.

This Chapter will only use the Good Sam name and logo in good taste and to promote the Good Sam Pledge and Chapter activities and in a manner consistent with the Club Constitution, By-Laws and General policies of the Club. The Chapter agrees to cease and desist from all use of the Good Sam name and logo upon loss of its charter from the Club for any reason.


It is the purpose of this Chapter to operate a social organization to promote the use and enjoyment of recreational vehicles and outdoor fellowship among its members through trips and group activities. This Chapter shall maintain an attitude which is strictly non-sectarian, non-partisan, non-sectional, and non-racial, and shall be dedicated to bringing together people interested in the ideals and principles of the International Good Sam Recreational Vehicle Club.


All people who are members in good standing with the International Good Sam Club, and who are interested in the promotion of good recreational vehicle camping and the purpose for which this Chapter was formed, are eligible for membership.


Section I - Officers of this Chapter shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and such additional officers as deemed necessary by members of this Chapter.

Section 2 - All officers will be elected at an annual Chapter meeting and will hold office for one year.

Section 3 - If there are no members willing to be nominated for a particular office, the current officer whose term is expiring, may, upon a vote of the membership, hold that office for another term. (added 10/2015)


The Chapter emblem must include either the words "Good Sam" or include a reasonable facsimile of the Good Sam Logo, in order for it to meet the requirements established by the International Good Sam Club. The emblem must be approved by the International Good Sam Club before it is recognized as official.

(Example Detail)
The face of Good Sam in white superimposed on a red state of Texas' on a yellow background within a circle having an outline border of blue, NORTEX and GOOD SAM will appear in blue between the outline border and state of Texas at the top and bottom, respectively.


Amendments to this Constitution shall be made only with the approval of a two-thirds (2/3) vote by the members of this Chapter.



Section I. All members of this Chapter must be members in good standing with the International Good Sam Club (and must annually report their Club membership number to the Chapter Secretary, as evidence thereof).

Section 2. Applicant must attend Two Chapter campouts before submitting application which will be voted on at the next regular meeting.

Section 3. Members failing to attend at least Four full campouts annually without giving an acceptable reason to the President and/or monthly Wagonmaster, prior to the next meeting, (i.e. illness, travel, etc.), shall be dropped from the Chapter rolls as per Article 1, Section 6 at the end of the year.

Section 4. Membership in the LAKE EOLA SAMS Chapter shall be limited to THIRTY (30) member families.

Section 5. The conduct of each Chapter member during Chapter activities shall be at all times a credit to the Chapter and to the International Good Sam Club.

Section 6. Membership in this Chapter will be forfeited for failure to comply with above stated requirements. Individuals shall be notified in writing, signed by three (3) elected Chapter officers, that, his/her Chapter
membership has been terminated, listing the cause.

Section 7. Membership in this Chapter will be reinstated by unanimous agreement of the elected Chapter officers, provided that the original cause for forfeiture is removed.


Each local Chapter is authorized to act with the other local Chapters within the same state to form a State Committee. The State Committee is composed of one Chapter President, or his/her appointed delegate, from each Chapter in the same state, and has the voting power to reconcile serious disputes within the state and in any Chapter within the state, and to establish, regulate, and control a state treasury, including the right to levy a reasonable fee to be paid to the state treasury by all Chapter members within the state. It is the Chapter's responsibility to have a delegate present at all scheduled State committee meetings. Each Chapter must fully participate in the State Committee and meet all requirements thereof.


Section I. Chapter dues shall be established by a TWO-THIRDS (2/3) majority vote of all Chapter members present. Dues shall be pro-rated on a quarterly basis for new members and shall be paid to the Chapter Treasurer on acceptance of applicant's membership.

Section 2. State Dues - If the State Committee of which this Chapter is a member has established state dues, said Chapter members will be required to pay such annually.


Each family membership (unit) shall be entitled to up to TWO votes, except the President, who shall only vote to break a tie. All voting for Chapter officers shall be by secret ballot.


Section 1. Meetings shall be held at the monthly campout, (which will be held on the THIRD 3rd weekend of the month that starts with a Friday), or as voted by a majority of members present at monthly meetings.

Section 2. A quorum at any individual meeting shall be TWO-THIRDS (2/3) of all Chapter members in good standing present, and have at least TWO (2) officers present.

Section 3. Special meetings may be called by the Chapter President at his/her discretion.

Section 4. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern all business meetings which will be conducted as follows:
1.        Call to order
2.        Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
3           Roll Call
4.        Introduction Of guests
5.        Reading of minutes of previous meeting
6.        Treasurer's report - presentation of bills
7.        Reading of correspondence
8.        Reports of committees
9         Unfinished business
10.        New business
11.        Announcements
12.        Adjournment


Section 1. The following Chapter officers will be elected at an annual Chapter meeting and will hold office for ONE (1) year: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

If there are no members willing to be nominated for a particular office, the current officer whose term is expiring, may, upon a vote of the membership, hold that office for another term. (added 10/2015)

Section 2. Nominations shall be held in OCTOBER (change 10/2015). New officers will take office in JANUARY. The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President in OCTOBER (change 10/2015), or before, and a slate of nominees for office(s) shall be submitted at the OCTOBER (change 10/2015) meeting. Elections shall be held in OCTOBER or NOVEMBER, whichever is best for the members and date selected by the President.

Section 3. The Chapter President shall appoint a chairperson and two assistants to prepare ballots and tally election votes.

Section 4. Nominations can be made by any Chapter member in good standing, either in person at the designated meeting or in writing to the Chapter President before date of designated election meeting.

Section 5. ELECTIONS: All Chapter members in good standing are entitled to vote. After nominations have been made, the voting shall take place by a written ballot supplied to each member. Absentee ballots will be made available to any member at their request. All ballots must be submitted in the designated voting month as selected 'by the Chapter members.

Section 6. No officer may hold the same office for more than Two (2) CONSECUTIVE TERMS or more than one office concurrently.

If there are no members willing to be nominated for a particular office, the current officer whose term is expiring, may, upon a vote of the membership, hold that office for another term. (added 10/2015)

Section 7. Members of the same family may not hold any of the above elected positions concurrently.

Section 8. Roster of newly elected officers and all Chapter members must be sent annually to the State Director who will forward to International Headquarters. This must be done by DECEMBER 15th.

Section 9. VACANCIES: In the event of the resignation or removal of a Chapter officer, the President may at his/her discretion, with the aproval of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, appoint a pro-tem officer(s) to fill the vacancy until the next scheduled election or until a special election can be held.


PRESIDENT:        Presides at all meetings, appoints all committees, supervises all Chapter activities, represents the Chapter as a member of the State Committee at State Committee meetings.

VICE-PRESIDENT:        Conducts meetings in the absence of the President, coordinates activities of all committees.

SECRETARY:        The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the Chapter with the time and place of the meeting, how called or authorized, the notice thereof given, the names of those present at Chapter meetings, number of members present at membership meetings and the proceedings thereof. Receives, reads, and answers all corespondence after action taken by membership at meetings, or at the direction of the Chapter President.

TREASURER:        The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds, securities and assets of the Chapter; shall be responsible for keeping full and accurate account of all receipts and disbursements, and report to the Chapter members on all receipts and disbursements made on a monthly basis.

PERMANENT WAGONMASTER (s): (Appointed by the President) shall be responsible for making a yearly roster listing of Chapter members to serve as monthly Wagonmasters on dates selected, and shall act as advisors and assist the monthly Wagonmasters as needed. MONTHLY WAGONMASTERS shall be responsible for selecting campsites, making all necessary arrangements for outings, arrange activities at campouts assist with parking, collect fees as necessary, coordinating activities at campouts and handle any other duties to insure a successful campout

EXECUTTVE COMMITTEE: The Executive Committee will consist of all elected Chapter officers.

PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN (optional): Shall be appointed by the Chapter President to be responsible for submitting news of Chapter activities to the State Editor of the Traveling Samaritan publication; shall be responsible for generating publicity for Chapter from local media; and other duties as required.


Section 1. All monies received by Chapter from dues or any other sources shall go into the Chapter treasury.

Section 2. All expenditures of monies from the Chapter treasury shall be ratified by the membership at a regular business meeting. Extraordinary expenditures requiring immediate action may be authorized by the Chapter President after telephone conference with the Executive Committee.

Section 3. The President shall appoint TWO (2) members of the Chapter (non-officers) to act as an Audit Committee. The audit will be conducted annually in conjunction with the election of the Treasurer for the next year, regardless of whether the current Treasurer is re-elected. The outgoing and incoming Treasurers will participate in the audit to attest to their satisfaction as to the validity of the audit. Special audits shall be held when circumstances demand it.


The President shall be empowered to appoint such special committees as he/she deems needful at any time (those committee members selected agreeing to serve on said committee) or on a majority vote of the members, he/she shall appoint committees as they direct.


Section 1. The Executive Committee must notify the State Director and all members listed on the current Chapter roster, and in writing, of the Chapter's intention to disband, unless objection is voiced by Chapter members to both the State Director and the Executive Committee within THIRTY (30) days of receipt of letter.

Section 2. Upon official dissolution of Chapter, Chapter charter must be forwarded to the State Director, to be returned to International Headquarters.

Section 3, If this Chapter should decide to disband, all monies still in the Chapter treasury shall be distributed as follows: contribute to a charitable organization of the Chapter's choosing.

Section 1. Only members in good standing may address the Chapter on matters of policy.

Section 2. This Chapter's CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS, and any amendment made thereto, must be submitted to the State Director and International Headquarters for approval. Copies must be sent to the State Director and International Headquarters.

Section 3. International Good Sam Club's Constitution and By-Laws supercedes this Chapter's Constitution and By-Laws at all times.


A proposed Amendment to the By-Laws shall be presented to the President in writing and shall be read to the membership at the next regular meeting. Written proposed amendments shall then be given to all members at least THIRTY (30) days prior to voting on said change(s). A TWO-THIRDS (2/3) vote of all Chapter members present shall be required for approval of such amendment(s).